Social Impact


Installation of toilets at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Thirupathiripuliyur, Cuddalore has been received very well by the Educational Officer, Cuddalore, Headmistress, Teachers and Students of the School.

Girls in the adolescent age, had abstained themselves from going to school due to improper sanitation facilities and now they are relieved when the new toilet facilities were built in the school campus.

Sanitation facilities, especially in girls’ schools, have reduced absenteeism.  It helps in keeping the surrounding clean and paves way for preserving the personal health and dignity of our children.

Individual Household Latrines

Individual Householders in backward community settlements who could not afford to build toilets in their homes were provided full support to create one per household. Subsequently, after the construction of the toilets, the community settlements now experience a hygienic environment and surroundings.


Provide grants to students who excel academically as it motivates students to excel academically and to pursue higher education